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The children, staff and Governing Council welcome you and your family to our Kindy. Quorn Kindergarten aims to create a caring and learning atmosphere for children 2 to 5 years of age. Quorn Kindergarten offers a range of services:
  • Sessional Kindergarten
  • Occasional Care
  • Pre-entry Kindergarten
  • Support program for children with additional needs
  • Transition to school program
  • Playgroup
  • Venue for Hire
Whether you wish to enrol your child or discuss any aspects of our programs,please contact one of our staff.  
Services Offered

Preschool Program

Quorn Kindergarten is a rural preschool with strong ties to the land, both through cultural identity, and through a strong links to agricultural heritage. Our teaching and learning spaces encourage children to engage with nature and we encourage a natural learning approach to education.

We feel that children learn best when they are not only challenged in an authentic hands on way, but also through exploration. For this reason, we take our Kindy children on community excursions at least once per week. We visit Flinders House retirement village, Quorn Area School, local shops and attractions, and have Bush Kindy days.

We engage with our community so that children learn to what it means to be a community member, community advocate, and future school student. Children produce artwork for SALA (South Australian Living Artist) events, and sell their work alongside professional regional artists.

At every stage of their development, educators are there supporting and encouraging children to be active citizens. We are passionate advocates of children being capable learners, and support each and every child to achieve.

Families are also warmly welcomed into this space and are respected participants in this journey. We provide parents with plenty of opportunities to volunteer in our programs, come along on excursions, participate in fundraising, or just stay and have a morning play with your child.

Our doors are always open. Our staff are welcoming and friendly, and are always at the forefront of extending their own professional learning. We hope you love Quorn Kindy as much as we do, please drop in for a chat and a look around, we would be happy to assist in anyway.



New areas all set up and ready for use! We have some new equipment, new spaces, and new learning options! We can’t wait to see you all after the holidays!

Posted by Quorn Kindergarten on Wednesday, April 18, 2018



Loose parts and varied learning experiences… what more can we say 💟

Posted by Quorn Kindergarten on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Services Offered

Occasional Care

Occasional care is offered to families for children who are two or older, but not yet in preschool. We provide a totally inclusive program with both Preschool and Occasional care children working and playing together.

Children who come to Occasional care get to know the site, Educators, and routines well before they start preschool. We have found that children who attend Occasional care with us have a smoother transition into Preschool as they are already familiar with our service. Occasional Care children are provided with a learning journal that aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework and is a lovely record of their time with us. They also have full access to our programming for learning, and if they choose, can sit in on our literacy learning time held each morning. Occasional care really is such a fantastic service which offers children the chance in experiencing Preschool in a smaller setting and in the support of a dedicated Educator. 

This service operates on Tuesday and Thursday between 8:30am and 11:15am and is $5 per session.

Services Offered


Playgroup operates on a Monday from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Come along to this service and meet other families and children.



Have a look at some of our documents to find out some more information on policies, procedures and philospohy
Out and about

Excursion Program

Introduction about importance of excursions

We visit Flinders House fortnightly and engage in varied learning experiences that are of benefit to both residents and children. We always end the day with the children singing a song to their elderly friends. This time is also used as a way to promote communication and language acquisition. Elderly residents can be hard of hearing, so children have to learn to moderate their speech, be clear and decisive, and at times improve on their ability to use non-verbal cues. Quiet children in this space develop confidence to talk in a group, whilst all children develop their language fluency and become better ‘fluent speakers’. They also learn how to share and take turns during a conversation, be kind and considerate members of their community, and give to others who may not be able to give back.

We visit Quorn Area School every fortnight. We have a yearlong transition program that starts with us visiting the library, playground, and going in search of drink fountains. We lead up to class visits and share in class activities well before the expected term 4 transition schedule. Future school teachers and leaders have a sound awareness of your child’s strengths and abilities well before they start school, and your child has the benefit of being familiar with their future school over a whole year transition approach! The Kindergarten also works closely with the school and attends school focused professional development days. The Kindergarten wants to link learning with your child’s school so that we have similar goals, strategies and practices. When they start reception, they have had a full year of visits and shared practices.

We visit local shops, go for local walks, and visit tourist attractions like the train station, Warren Gorge and playgrounds. Whenever we go on our walks, we are learning about weekly focus sounds and letters in our environment. Children and educators are encouraged to try to find as many things starting with our weekly sound as possible. If we can we collect the items and take them back for sharing during our group times. This process encourages children to notice sounds and letters in their environment and they begin to make letter sound connections.
During these walks, children are given the opportunity to carry their own water (we provide specially made bags) and take care of their friends. We have noticed that children become very capable and confident walkers and as a result learn how to be persistent through struggle and how to manage their own bodily needs for water and rest. We talk to children about the community that they live in as we want them to learn about their environment and town. We really do have a greater sense of community connectedness when we go on our local walks!

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About the Director

Maggie Kamin

Maggie Kamin is the site Director at Quorn Kindergarten. Maggie has a strong background in Nature Pedagogy and Learning through Art.

Maggie also is an avid advocate of early literacy development and is heavily involved in developing and coordinating emerging practices that support Literacy and Language acquisition.

Maggie has been involved in the Quorn Port Augusta Partnership Empowering Local Learners Project for the last few years and has recently been an Early Years leader in developing programs that support executive functions and cognitive development.

In 2018 her role in working with art to promote individual development was recognised through various media channels, with Quorn Kindergarten being one of the first regional sites to exhibit with SALA.

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